Needs for our kids

Once upon a time, there was a flock of doves that flew far away from their home in search of food. They soon grow tired and hungry and wanted to stop. The dove king urges them to continue to fly, “Come! Come! Little ones, I am sure that we will find food soon. If we just fly a little further.”

On they flew soon enough they did find grain scattered in the forest below them. They all landed and become feasting all the grain. Suddenly, a net fell over them and trapping them. The doves did not know what to do. They started flattering their wings about it right. The hunter was fast approaching to collect his catch. The dove king said to them “I have an idea we must work together we shall all fly up at same time carrying the ne with us. Remember now, unity is our only hope.” The doves did as they were told; they each lifted a part of the net with a peak and flog the wing with all the mind and closing to the air. The hunter was socked. He tried chasing the doves for a while, but soon they rose to high in the air.

He stood the watch them in amassment as his net flew in to the air. Once they were distance away from the forest, the dove king said “Half our worries are over. Now, we must fly to the kingdom of mice. My friend the mouse came will surely help us.” The doves flew to the kingdom of mice. The mice heard the flapping noises. They thought that, it was a hack coming to eat them. All the mice hide in the little mice hole. The dove king called out his friend, “It is me the king of doves, my subjects and I are in trouble. Want to please come out and help us.” The mice king rushing out, when he heard this. It was very upset to see his friend in such a stage. “It will take me a very long time to free you,” he said.  “I will call of all my subjects to help us.” All the mice set to work noising the net with their tiny teeth. Slowly they had made small holes all over the net. The grateful doves came out one by one stretching their tired wings. The doves thanked the mice king and their subjects for free them. They all thanked their king.”It is true, it is true, and it is true, “said the doves.

“A real is the strength in numbers; a real is the strength in numbers.”