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Name Meaning
Calida Warm and Loving
Candy Sweet
Carla Fem form of Carl
Carlota Petite or feminine
Carmem Garden
Carol Form of Carolyne
Caroline Dimunitive with royal Connotations
Carolyne Feminine form of Charles
Catherine Pure
Cathy Pure
Catlina Pure
Cauvery Same as Cavery- name of a river
Cecily Blind
Celeste Heavenly
Chaaya Shadow
Chadna Love
Chahana Desire; Affection
Chahna Love
Chairavali Full moon of Chaitra month
Chaitali Born in the month of Chaitra
Chaitaly Name of an ancient city
Chaitan Consciousness
Chaitanya Consciousness
Chaitna Sunflower seed
Chaitra Aries sign
Chakori A bird enamoured of the moon
Chakrika Lakshmi
Chalama Goddess Parvati
Chaman Garden
Chameli Jasmine; A creeper with flowers
Champa A flower
Champabati The capital
Champakali A bud of champa
Champika Little champa flower
Chanasya Delighting
Chanchal Active
Chanchala Unsteady; Lakshmi
Chanchari Bird; Vortex of water
Chanda Moon
Chandalini Glorious
Chandan Sandlewood
Chandana Sandal wood; Parrot
Chandani Star; A river
Chandanika Diminutive
Chandi Great Goddess
Chandika Diminutive of Chandana
Chandini Star
Chandni Moonlit
Chandra Moon
Chandraja Daughter of the moon
Chandraki Peacock
Chandrakin A peacock
Chandramukhi As beautiful as the moon
Chandrani Wife of the moon
Chandrateja Bright as moon
Chandrika Moonlight
Chandrima The moon
Chandrin Made of gold
Chane Name of a god; Dependability
Chanel Name of the famous perfume
Changuna A good woman
Chantal Place name; Stony place
Chapala Restless; Lighting
Chara Quiet and Frisky
Charisse Cherry like
Charita Good
Charitra History
Charla Beautiful
Charlotte Glam
Charmaine Song
Charmi Beautiful
Charmy Charming
Charu Beautiful; Attractive
Charulata Beautiful creeper
Charulekha Beautiful picture
Charumati Beautiful
Charunetra One with beautiful eyes
Charusila Beautiful jewel
Charusmita One with a beautiful smile
Charvi A beautiful woman
Charvy Beautiful eyes
Chashmum My eyes
Chathurika Clever girl
Chatri Umbrella
Chatura Clever
Chaturi Clever
Chaunta One who outshines the stars
Chayana Moon
Cheena Pure white marble
Chellam Pampered
Chelsea Port
Cher Dear or beloved
Cheshta To try
Chetana Intelligence
Chetna Power of intellect; Alert
Cheyenne Born dancer
Chhabi Picture
Chhavi Reflection
Chhavvi Image; Radiance
Chhaya Shadow
Chimayi Blissful
Chinmayee Blissful
Chinmayi Blissful
Chintamani Philosopher’s stone
Chintan Meditation
Chintana Meditation
Chintanika Meditation
Chiti Love
Chitkala Knowledge
Chitra Picture; A star; Name of a river
Chitrakshi Colourful eyes
Chitrali A row of pictures
Chitramala Series of pictures
Chitramaya Worldly illusion
Chitrani River Ganga
Chitrathi A Bright Chariot
Chitrita Picturesque
Chloe-may Princess
Christina Anointed; Christian
Chudaamani Crest jewel
Chumban Kiss
Chunni Star
Cilji Lovely Girl
Claire Bright
Cora Maiden
Corian Modern; Trendy; Full of emotion
Cyanea Sky blue
Czaee Name of flower