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Name Meaning
Laabh Profit
Laalamani Ruby
Laavanya Beauty
Labeeb Sensible; Intelligent
Labh Gain
Lagan Appropriate time
Lahar Wave
Lakhan Lord Rama’s brother
Laksh Aim
Lakshan Aim
Lakshay Target
Lakshin With auspicious marks
Lakshman Prosperous; Younger brother of Rama
Lakshya Aim
Lalam Jewel
Lali Blushing
Lalit Beautiful
Lalitesh God of beauty; Husband of a beautiful wife
Lalitkumar Beautiful
Lalitmohan Beautiful and attractive
Lamar Close to the sea
Lambodar Lord Ganesh
Lambodhar Lord Ganesh
Laniban Lord Shiva
Lankesh Ravana
Larraj A sage
Lars See Kyle
Latafat Elegance
Latif Elegant
Latifah Elegance
Lav Son of Lord Rama
Lavana Handsome
Laven Fragrance
Lavitra Lord Shiva
Laxman Lord Rama’s brother
Layak Capable
Lekh Document
Lemar Talented One
Leon Lion
Leslie Garden of hollies
Liam Gaelic derivative of William; Determined protector
Liladhar Lord Vishnu
Lingam God Sivan
Lingan God Sivan
Lingappan God Sivan
Lingesan God Sivan
Liyaqat Elegance; Worthiness
Lochan The eye
Lohendra Lord of three worlds
Lohitaksh Lord Vishnu
Lohitaksha Lord Vishnu
Lohith Beautiful; Lord Shiva
Lokajit Conqueror of world
Lokakriti Creator of The World
Lokanetra Eye of the world
Lokapradip Light of the world; Another word for Brahma
Lokesh King of world; Lord Brahma
Loknaath Lord of the world
Loknath Lord of all worlds; Lord Vishnu
Lokpradeep Gautam Budha
Lokprakash Light of the world
Lokranjan Lord Vishnu
Lomash A sage
Loro Great Power
Luit River Brahmputra
Lukesh King of the empire
Luqmaan A Prophet’s name
Lutfi Kind and friendly
Luv Son of Lord Rama
Luvya Loveable