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Name Meaning
Jaabir Consoler; Comforter
Jaafar Rivulet
Jaan Soul
Jabez God will increase your boundary
Jacob One who supplants
Jadhav A yadava
Jafar Little stream
Jag The universe
Jagad Universe
Jagadayu Life spring of the universe
Jagadbandu Lord Krishna
Jagadeep Light of the world
Jagadev Lord of the world
Jagadhidh Lord of the world
Jagadhish Lord of the world
Jagadip Lamp of the universe
Jagadish Lord of the universe
Jagajeet Conquerer of the world
Jagajeevan Life of the world
Jagan Universe; World
Jaganmay Spread over the universe
Jagannath Lord of the world; Lord Vishnu
Jagat The universe
Jagath The universe
Jagatpal Caretaker of the world; God
Jagatveer Bravest in the world; Jagveer
Jagdeep Light of the Universe
Jagdeesh Lord of the Universe
Jagdeo God of the World
Jagdish King of the World
Jagesh Lord of the world
Jagish Lord of the Universe
Jagjeevan Worldly life
Jagjit Winner of the world
Jagmohan One who attracts the world
Jagrav Awakened
Jagreet World’s way
Jahan The world
Jahi Dignified
Jahnu A Rishi
Jai Conqueror
Jaichand Victory of the moon
Jaidayal Victory of kindness
Jaideep Victory to the light
Jaidev God of victory
Jaigath Victorious
Jaigopal Victory of Lord Krishna
Jaikrishna Victory of Lord krishna
Jaiman Victorious
Jaimini An ancient philosopher
Jainam Following Janism
Jainarayan Victory
Jaipal Lord Brahma
Jairaj Lord of victory
Jairam Victory of Lord Rama
Jaisal Famous folk
Jaishankar Victory of Lord Shiva
Jaison Son of victory
Jaisukh Joy of winning
Jaithra Lord Vishnu
Jaitra Leading to vitory
Jaival Life giving
Jaivant Victorious
Jaivardhan Lord Shiva
Jaiveer Victorious
Jaiwant Victory
Jakarious Peaceful friend
Jalaal Glory of the Faith
Jalad Giving water
Jalaj Lotus
Jalal Glory
Jalbhushan Ornament of water
Jaldev God of water
Jaldhar Clouds
Jalender Lord of waters
Jalendra Lord of the water
Jalendu Moon in the water
Jalesh Lord of water
Jalil Revered
Jalindra Lord of the water
Jalpesh King of Water
Jalsa Celebratory procession
Jamaal Beauty
Jameel Beautiful
James A Cheerful boy; He who supplants
Jamil Handsome
Janak Father of Sita; Creator
Janakinath Lord Rama
Janamejay A mjanardan Lord Vishnu
Janardan One who helps people
Janav Protecting men
Janesh Lord of men
Janith Born
Jankesh Lord of His Subjects
Janmesh The king of his kundli
Janu Soul; Life force
Janya Born
Japa Chanting
Japan Muttering prayers
Japendra Lord of chants-Lord Shiva
Japesh Lord of chants-lord Shiva
Jarrar Attractive; Huge; Tremendous army
Jasamit Protected by fame
Jasapal Very famous
Jasbeer Victorious hero
Jashan Celebration
Jashanjeet Celebration of victory
Jashith Protector
Jashun Celebration
Jaskaran Good deeds
Jason Mythical leader; Healing
Jaspal Lord Krishna
Jasraj King of fame
Jasveer Hero of fame
Jasvinder Lord’s glory
Jaswant Victorious Yashwant; Famous
Jataayu A semi divine bird
Jatan Nurturing
Jatin Pertaining ato saint
Jatya Pleasing
Javed Immortal Jawahar jewel
Javesh Related to god
Javier Owner of new House
Javin Swift
Jawad Openhanded; Generous
Jawahar Jewel
Jay Victory
Jayachand Ancient king of Kannauj
Jayad Causing victory
Jayadeep Light of victory
Jayaditya Victorious sun
Jayakumar Victory
Jayani Conqueror; Lord Krishna
Jayant Victorious
Jayanta Lord Vishnu
Jayantika Goddess Durga; Paravati
Jayapal King; Lord Vishnu; Lord Bramha
Jayasekhar Top of victory
Jayawant Victorious
Jayendra Lord of victory
Jayesh Victor
Jayin Conqueror
Jaypal The kings jester the one who laughs
Jaysukh Pleasure of victory
Jean See John
Jeet Win; Success
Jeeval Full of life
Jeevan Life
Jeevaraaj Lord of life
Jeevesh God
Jegapriyan Loved by the world
Jehangir Akbar’s son
Jenya Crue
Jeremy Raise Up
Jerry Spear ruler
Jevesh Courageous
Jewel Jayanta; Lord Vishnu
Jhoomer Ornament
Jhulier Precious
Jhumar Child’s plaything
Jigar Heart
Jignesh Curiosity to research
Jihad Holy war
Jihan The world
Jimmy Name in the Bible
Jimuta One of 108 names of the Sun God
Jina Lord Vishnu
Jinabhadra A Jain saint
Jinadev Lord of victory
Jinendra Lord of life
Jinesh Jain God’s name
Jishnu Triumphant; Arjuna
Jisnu Victorious
Jita Conquered
Jitendra Lord of conquerers
Jitesh Winner
Jitu Who always win
Jiva A living being; Alive
Jivaj Full of life
Jival Full of life
Jivana The Sun God
Jivin To give life
Jivitesh God
Jivraj Lord of life
Jnhih Sun
Jnyandeep Light of knowledge
Joel Jehovah is the Lord
Jogesh Lord Shiva
Joginder Lord Shiva
Jogindra Lord Shiva
Jograj Lord Krishna
John Gift of God
Joideep Light of happiness
Jonathan God has given
Jorge Farmer
Jose God will increase
Joseph God adds hebrew meaning
Joshua Funny; Friendship; Love
Jovan Not sure; Nice
Juan See John
Jubin Honorable; Righteous
Jugal Couple
Jugnu A firefly
Jujhar One who struggles
Jusal Pari
Jwala Flame
Jwalant Luminous
Jwalia Lord Shiva
Jyotindra Lord of life
Jyotirdhar Holder of the flame
Jyotirmaya Imbued with light
Jyotirmoy Lustrous
Jyran Lost love